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Virtual Sculptures is an open online collection of digital sculptures that anyone can download and use. Every year, the Museum of Contemporary Art will commission an artist to create a new virtual artwork for the collection. In so doing, the Museum of Contemporary Art aims to explore the complex territory of digital artworks and the virtual as a common public space. Click on the different sculptures to explore our virtual universe.

Oona Libens
Plato and the Canary

Plato and the Canary is a virtual sculpture by Oona Libens, commissioned and acquired by the Museum of Contemporary Art. Presented as a spatial experience of a virtual cave, elements such as sound, light, shadow and a cloud comprise the sculpture: the changing shadow on the cave wall. A spatial, mutable and ephemeral digital object, Plato and the Canary explores the physical aspects and impacts of today’s digital technologies.

Morehshin Allahyari
Zoba’ah (زوبعة): The Whirlwind

How can we participate in creating the world we want to see and live in? To download artist Morehshin Allahyari’s sculpture Zoba’ah (زوبعة): The Whirlwind you have to agree to a set of ‘terms and conditions’ written by the artist and answer how you will take small actions to change the world in the bigger picture. In this way, you summon Zoba’ah (زوبعة), a creature from the Islamic world, who always brings about sudden change.

Ditte Ejlerskov
The Wrestlers

The Wrestlers is a virtual sculpture by the artist Ditte Ejlerskov. The sculpture depicts two women in the middle of a wrestling match. Ejlerskov’s sculpture is a further adaptation of the classic Roman sculpture with the same title, which shows two male wrestlers in battle. Ejlerskov created his version in preparation for the birth of his second child and as a picture of the inner struggle between the two hormones adrenaline and oxytocin, which are associated with the conflicting feelings of fear and love.